Aerator Solutions is a leading provider of wastewater EcoJet™ High Speed Aerators and EcoJet™ High Speed DDM Mixers.  We specialize not only in complete wastewater Aerators and Mixers, but can service most other brands of aerators or mixers.

This is the original design Aerator that was introduced in 1963, copied by many other companies, but never duplicated. Our service and expertise in wastewater treatment is recognized worldwide. Whether you are a municipal or industrial client we have the wastewater treatment equipment and expertise that you need to assist in the design, planning, and implementation of our EcoJet™ products to meet your effluent requirements.

With the best Aeration equipment and service in the business, no wonder we continue to be recognized as the best in the industry!

For dependable wastewater aeration and mixing, there is only one name that you need to know, Aerator Solutions, the manufacturer of the design that started in 1963.

No matter what your needs are, planning a new installation, purchasing new equipment, renovating old equipment, or simply making an existing facility more effective – call Aerator Solutions today.

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  • We are dedicated to furnishing the latest and best oxygen transfer and mixing technologies.  From concept through installation and start-up, we provide it all.

    We offer engineering solutions that include development, evaluation, design, manufacturing, installation and service.

    Our goal is to provide engineering solutions for your aeration and mixing needs – not just to offer equipment.

Aerator Solutions
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