EcoJet™ High Speed Floating Aerators Set The Standard For Aerator Performance
For more than half a century, the EcoJet™ aerator design has provided proven results for municipal and industrial markets throughout the world. With ultimate versatility, no other mechanical aerator is more rugged or more efficient.

The EcoJet™ offers unparalleled performance and superior reliability, low operating costs, and remarkable resistance to environmental conditions that can cause natural wear and damage.

Typical wastewater treatment applications
  • SBRs
  • Post aeraton
  • Aerated lagoons
  • Activated sludge
  • Equalization basins
The result: Effective wastewater treatment.

Providing powerful pumping action, the EcoJet™ aerator transfers oxygen by breaking up wastewater into a spray of particles. This action creates more surface area for atmospheric pressure to drive oxygen into the wastewater. At the same time, the oxygen-enriched water is dispersed and mixed. The entire process offers more efficient wastewater treatment for municipalities and industrial applications.

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