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Waiting on replacement parts can often cause costly downtime for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. That’s why Aerator Solutions makes it quick and easy to order replacement parts to ensure your operations maintain efficiencies.

We offer replacement parts for complete EcoJet High-Speed Aerators and EcoJet High-Speed DDM Mixers and all previously manufactured aerators and mixers.

Parts are 100 percent interchangeable with the following systems:

  • Aqua-Jet® by Aqua-Aerobics
  • Evoqua
  • US Filter
  • Aerators, Inc.
  • Siemens
  • Aqua-Lator®
  • Welles Products/Peabody Welles

Plant evaluations for efficient wastewater aeration solutions.

It’s a no-brainer that evaluating wastewater treatment equipment is important. Maintaining aerators and mixers to operate at maximum efficiencies is vital for productive operations. That’s why Aerator Solutions offers equipment evaluations with minimal disruption to the plant.

Our service technicians visit your facility at a convenient time and provide detailed evaluations of your aerators and mixers. Following the evaluation, our experts will visit with you about preventative maintenance, system upgrades or necessary repairs to maintain your equipment at optimum efficiencies.

Preventative maintenance solutions for wastewater aeration.

Just like changing the oil in your vehicle, preventative maintenance on your aerators and mixers is vital for maintaining operations at wastewater treatment facilities and virtually eliminating unexpected downtime. For industrial and municipal plants alike, preventative maintenance can help ensure the equipment is running properly and identify any minor repairs before they become major.

Aerator Solutions offers a preventative maintenance program that brings service technicians to your facility to ensure your aerators and mixers are operating, moored and placed correctly in the basins. What’s more, we provide thorough classroom instruction that guides your operators through the operation and maintenance manual, while offering cost-saving techniques for your equipment.

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Replacement Parts Program

Waiting on replacement parts? Facing high costs? Download our Aftermarket Replacement Parts Sellsheet for High-Speed Aerators and DDM Mixers. Get the parts you need, when you need them.

Better Than New™ Equipment

With options for purchasing a refurbished system or reconditioned components, Aerator Solutions can make what was old seem new again. And help give your operations a boost without breaking the budget.

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